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We provide the solutions to Wordbrain, the fantastic word game app where you can test how good you are with words. We have developed this guide to help you solve the game easier.

As you move forward, you will find it becomes more and more challenging, until hints are not enough to proceed to the next level. That is where we step in. Find on our page all the answers, tips and tricks to continue and grow your word problem-solving skills.

About Wordbrain

The creators of Wordbrain compare it to Candy Crush Saga, Sudoku, and Scramble. In a way, they are right. It has the kind of addictive ingredient of Candy Crush, with a Saga build of different packages with new challenges inside.

Sudoku is mimicked by the squared arrangement that makes it so easy to understand, but at the same time challenging. Just as Sudoku can grow big and big with an increasing number of rows and columns, Wordbrain gets bigger and bigger as you unlock new levels.

Finally, the Scramble ingredient comes from the gameplay itself. It is nothing as you have played before, but Scramble is indeed the closest game to it. You must find words on the given set of letter tiles. But the number of letters and the number of tiles changes, so only the finding word thing is what looks alike.

How to Play Wordbrain

Playing is so easy that it is not surprising you get addicted to it soon. Just slide your finger to pick the right letters to form a word. You can select any adjacent letter to the last letter you chose, including diagonal letters. The letter-count is given to you on each level at the bottom of the screen. They appear as boxes setting the number of letters you need to find the right word. At the end of each level, you should have cleared all letters on your screen.

In Wordbrain, there is no limit to the number of attempts to form a word. You can try as many times as you need. At times, more than one word will fit the boxes, but there is only one right answer. Once you get it right, you will get to the next level.

When you start the game, you get a 2×2 grid. It is the easiest level with only one word to find. As you get to bigger grids (3×3, 4×4, and so on), you are given more than one word for each level. Eliminating words in the right order becomes crucial as you get more words than the previous levels. If you select a word that was not meant to be taken before another word, then you will have to start over. Luckily for you, the words don’t change, and you just have to collect them in a different order, but you already know the answers!

The Solution when you get Stuck

When you get stuck on a level, you can use hints. Just for starting the game, you get 10 hints. Then, hints are collected throughout the game as you complete puzzles and fill the hint counter on top. You can also get free hints from the spinning wheel. You can access to the spinning wheel once a day, or by watching promotional videos. Another way to get more hints is by paying for them. The more hints you get, the less you pay.

At first, the suggestions might seem too many and even unnecessary. You just collect them without needing any hint for the first levels. However, there is a point where a hint can get you out of a hard level. When you finally need them, you might be using more than one tip to pass the level. To save your hints, you can check our page for some answers. We give you the full word set of each level you will find at Wordbrain.

Different Languages

Wordbrain is available in 15 languages! You can change your current language on the settings page. The entire game will switch to the given language, and you will get a new set of puzzles to solve. If you think you know more than one language, this is your opportunity to prove you master it.

Sharing Puzzles

One cool feature about Wordbrain is to create personalized puzzles. You can create new puzzles and send them to your friends. It is an original way to send a message to a friend or to your significant other. They will have to discover your hidden message as they open your personalized puzzles.The answers to a shared puzzle are not given on our site, but you can always ask your friend for a hint!

The Developers

MAG Interactive is the brand that developed the Wordbrain game. They have specialized in making games related to words and puzzles. Some other games by MAG Interactive are:

  • Wordbrain 2 Themes
  • Wordalot
  • Ruzzle
  • Ruzzle Adventure
  • Smack Chat
  • Quiz Cross
  • Potion Pop Puzzle

Most of these titles are available for Android and iOS. MAG Interactive still develops few titles supported by Windows Phones and BlackBerry too. Wordbrain and Wordbrain 2 Themes are their best-rated games.

If you want to know more about MAG Interactive, visit their website at:


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