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Get to know all the best tips and tricks for Wordbrain! We love to solve word puzzles as much as anybody, an prefer to solve each question ourselves. But what do you do when you just can’t advance but you don’t want to peek at the anwsers either? This is what this section is all about. We will give you general tips and advice on how to play, plus all the resources you can use to help you with your gameplay.

General Tips to Play Wordbrain

Open your mind and think of words. While you are playing Wordbrain, don’t get into a particular topic. You must look into the broad range of vocabulary options.

Words are not tied to a particular topic or a given type. At times you may become stuck because you are thinking of the wrong type of word to use . It may help you to know that Wordbrain answers consist mainly of nouns and adverbs. Nouns are a name for an object you may find in the dictionary, such as “boot” or “car” while an adjective is a word that describes something such as “happy” or “fast”. Please note that Wordbrain answers do consist of the following word types :

  • Verbs (words that describe an action) such as “”swims” or “reading”
  • Proper nouns, such as “Harry”, “Lego” or “India” (unless you are playing Wordbrain 2 Themes!)
  • Words that contain hyphens or apostrophes.

One exception to the second rule above comes if you play Wordbrain 2 Themes. In this game, each level pack is based on a particular topic such as types of food or music. However, that will not make it any easier. The words you need to guess might be specific words of the subject’s jargon. If you are not familiar with the topic, you might miss the word. The first levels are general knowledge, but as you get to the higher levels, you get topics like Business and Economics, Engineering, Biology, and Research. If you are not familiar with the topic, the words in those levels might prove to be too difficult. If you get stuck, remember the answers to all Wordbrain puzzles are available via our homepage.

The Basic Strategy

If the word you are looking for is not obvious to you, then it is time to set some strategy. For a single word, you can try all possible combinations systematically. Since there is no limit on the number of attempts, that can be a viable solution at the first stages of the game. As your game gets crowded with letters, this option is less suitable. You must then move on to other strategies to pass the hardest levels.

A Strategy for the Hardest Levels

When you get to the most challenging levels on Wordbrain, you will need to guess many words. First, try to unscramble as many words as you can see in the whole picture. Do not worry too much about the right order. If you don’t get it right, you can start it all over again. Since the words don’t change, you just need to find the right order to eliminate all letters on your play board.

The strategy is to know which the words you are supposed to find are. Even if you need to do the puzzle a second or third time, it will be much easier to continue once you know all the words. Otherwise, you could get stuck in a predicament about which word could go next.

Unscrambling Letters

To know the words at Wordbrain is about unscrambling letters. If you are familiar with Scrabble, then you have unscrambled letters before. Do not be afraid to try a combination of letters to form a word. Remember, there is no time or attempt limit, and you might be right.

Spelling correctness is of the most importance when you are unscrambling letters. That is particularly challenging when you are playing in a foreign language. But even in English, if you did not score high on your Spelling Bee exercises, you might get in some trouble. Wordbrain will always spell the words correctly. No idioms, fashion abbreviations or acronyms are used (except for the oldest ones like TV). You will not find things like LOL, DIY, or FYI when you play Wordbrain, so keep those out of your mind.

When you unscramble your given letters, think of vowels as your key elements. They are usually found between two consonants, so you need to combine them wisely. As you see the consonants, identify any adjacent consonants that could go well together there are few, for example, “th,” “br,” or “sp.” Most are related to the letters h, t s, r, and p. As you find them, join them to be combined with a vowel. That is how you will find most of the words in a given level.

When you see two identical letters together, be suspicious. Most times they will be part of a word with double letters. Take this into account as you test your letter combination. Double letters in a word are one of the most common spelling mistakes, and you must avoid them at all costs to win the game.

Save your Hints

Once you get to a difficult level, hints seem to be scarce. Keep your hints to help you guess the word order. To assist you in the unscramble process there are some resources you can use. For example, you could use one of the many words unscramble apps, there are around. There are many Word Unscramble apps for iOS and Android.

You can also make use of our site to find out the answer to a given level. We have gathered together the answers to all levels on all the current language packs available on the Wordbrain app.

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